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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  October 19, 2011 10:30pm-11:05pm EDT

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>> joe: josh hamilton moves from center to left. craig gentry who pinch-hit and struck out. in the top of the seventh is in the game at center. he hit for murphy. now on the mound is mike gonzalez who has done this so far this post season. he will deal with jon jay. albert pujols, matt holliday or just jon jay. as scott feldman is off the exercise bike and now on the mound getting loose. strike one from gonzalez. >> tim: by the way, i said, "strike" has five letters. it has six. i was figuring that out between innings. that's why i was a bad scrabble player. what can i say?
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>> joe: jay ground zero to short. four-letter word is o-u-the. [ laughter ] this is world series series game one, with the producer pete machska, director best in the biz, bill webb. ken rosenthal, chris rose, eric karros, a.j. pierzynski, tim mccarver. i'm joe. that's it. for gonzalez. he saw that summary. we'll give you a better look at it when feldman is in to the game. one out, nobody on. pujols and holliday coming up. in a one-run game. [ husband ] you ready for this?
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how's that for a game-changer folks? >> joe: there is that game summary again. 3-2, as we're in the seven. napoli tied it with a two-run shot in the fifth. allen craig. a go-ahead pitch, single in the first inning, first go-ahead rbi by a pinch hitter in the world series since the thrilling '96 series between the new york yankees, wade boggs was playing for and the atlanta braves. that is scott feldman who has been outstanding this post season. >> tim: 8-2/3 innings of work. only three hits and no runs. nine strike-outs. no walks. >> joe: right in the action to deal with albert pujols who has been hit by a pinch, intentionally walked. intentional walk heads off in fifth inning when holliday followed with a double-play ball. strike-one. good ailing pitch. 93 from feldman.
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>> joe: gonzalez one third of an inning. the same for ogando. >> joe: one out, bases empty. seventh inning. good game. good pitch. strike two. top of the order will be at the plate for the rangers in the eighth. >> joe: ball two. octavio dotel will be on the mound for the cardinals. >> joe: ball three.
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>> tim: if albert pujols goes out of the strike zone to swing, usually it's at a ball in the dirt. he won't chase away if it's sky high. or if he chases away, he'll make contact. >> joe: in to center. gentry slips but he recovers for out number two. it's got to be a great feeling to slip on n the world series, routine fly ball. >> tim: yeah, first chance. he made the play, recovering in time. recovering nicely. there is the slip. and the catch. >> joe: they had to reed so the field. u2 was here in the summer. not as bad as texas, but pretty close. it was a scorching summer in
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st. louis. anything but tonight. 48-degrees. mist. windy. holliday, strike one. tied up. good pitch from feldman. holliday with a double there's the mist. two out and the bases empty. the 0-1. strike two. >> tim: those are two terrific pitches from scott feldman. the fastball in off the plate. and now the slider off the plate. i think matt holliday would like that pitch again. a slider away. nope. yep. yep. something away.
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>> joe: two out, nobody on. the 0-2. napoli was asking him to bounce it. he wasn't asking him to throw it 58 feet. >> tim: that's what pitchers do. if you don't put down the right fingers, they throw one in the dirt. that is the splitter. and a good one. the reason it's a good one. it's a waist pitch. trying to get holliday to bite. he didn't. >> joe: now the 1-2. outside. 2-2. >> joe: with the bases empty. holliday floats one to kinsler. and the inning is over.
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nice work by the texas bullpen in the seventh. we go in to the eighth. here in game one. it's been fun. good start to this series. st. louis up. 3-2. aaron, you're all set. great, thanks. mike, thanks for doing that discount double check. you saved us hundreds. what was that? the discount double check? it's when we comb through your policies and make sure that you're getting all the discounts you deserve. no, i get that part, but you guys are doing my move. the discount double check move? that's my touchdown dance. so you're a dancer? no, i'm a quarterback. oh, a quarterback. mrr. i'm a robot. mm, mm. ee, er, ee, er. get out of here. [ male announcer ] aaron rodgers got his. how about you? rodgers! discount double check! [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm.
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>> joe: tim weisscot, honed his pitching skills with hall-of-famer johnny bench. bench will join other mlb legends on the pepsi max field of dreams team to play ball with tim and his friends in tim's hometown of columbus, ohio. how about that? >> tim: bench, the best catcher to ever play the game. that is my view. nobody else even close on both sides of the ball. >> joe: daniel descalso taking over at third for david freese. first up is ian kinsler, top of the order. dotel has two hitters in his sights. he just took care of the first. [ applause ] one out. it's nice when you can come in a game, the first game of the world series.
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throw two sliders. that is the second one, the check swing. easy out for dotel. >> joe: the second hitter. you have the left-handed hitting hamilton on deck. that's why arthur rhodes, the left-hander is getting ready for cardinals in the bullpen. if hamilton gets on, back to the right-handed hitting, young. that's why lance lynn is getting loose. here is elvis andrus. strike one from dotel. it really wasn't talked about that much in the deal. at the end of july when the cardinals made that three-team trade. toronto and the white sox, but dotel brought a lot to this cardinal bullpen. experience and he has lightened the mood down there. strike two. >> tim: 12 major league teams that ties ron velone, a left-handed pitcher and mike
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morgan a right-handed pitcher for the most teams for the major league. >> joe: all three pitched for the cardinals. >> tim: right. >> joe: here is an 0-2 pitch. got him on three straight. two out. [ applause ] a nice night's work for octavio dotel. >> tim: boy, i'll say. a slider for a strike. a check swing. and then three straight fastballs to get elvis andrus. >> joe: now the matchup. for arthur rhodes. 20th year in the big leagues. his first world series. his opponent, josh hamilton. [ male announcer ] mastercard wants to thank
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that is to get josh hamilton. ken rosenthal is with us. ken, what is arthur rhodes doing in the dirt? >> ken: scrawling the initials of his late son jordon in the dirt. he lost his son jordan to age of five in indisclosed illness in 2008. he told me i'm going out there to play for my little boy. first one, his first world series is for him. >> joe: hamilton first up. against rhodes. two out, nobody out. dotel got the first two in the eighth. and arthur rhodes who started this season with the rangers, and now ends this season facing the rangers in the world series brings it home to his former teammate. just missed outside. 2-0. >> tim: in fact, arthur rhodes is being paid only $100,000 by the cardinals. and $1.1 million by the rangers. so he's pitching against the team that pays most of his salary.
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>> joe: here is a 2-0. off the hands. 2-1. and now motte the closer has replaced lance lynn with two-out in the inning. mike adams on the other side. if hamilton reaches, it will be motte. here is the 2-1. 3-1. on deck is michael young. rhodes was cut loose in august. the rangers. and john daniels made the additions to their bullpen. he was expendable. what does hamilton do on 3-1? he fouls it. a full count.
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>> joe: hit it one-handed in to center. the cardinals bullpen in the eighth is up to the task. rhodes in his first experience in the world series gets hamilton. after dotel's good work to start the inning. bottom of the eighth. game one. cardinals bat, up 3-2. [ female announcer ] the road is not exactly a place of intelligence. ♪ across the nation over 100,000 miles of highways and bridges are in disrepair. add to that, countless distractions every mile... ♪ ...millions of ill-equipped vehicles... ♪
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the official soft drink of major league baseball. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> joe: that rbi by allen craig and a pinch-hitting appearance, the difference in the game. 3-2 as we go to bottom of the eighth. tonight's volkswagen passat trivia question. the only pitcher to pitch in more games than that man, arthur rhodes, 900 before making his first world series. the answer, john franco who appeared in 940 games before the 2000 new york mets reached the world series. they lost that series to the yankees. >> tim: on a louis soho hit up the middle to al leighter. >> joe: where were you when that happened? >> tim: about two stories higher. in the broadcast booth with
10:57 pm
you. >> joe: here is berkman against feldman. strike one. >> joe: did the bullpen work across baseball during the post season? that includes division series 29-0, teams who were leading after 7. 6 it will be motte tonight. 1-1. the rangers have the right guys coming up. young, beltre, nelson cruz. 2-1. 3-1.
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>> joe: off the end of the bat. that is foul. out of play. full count. fans are backed in here on 48-degree night. it has been raining the last few innings. it rained most of the day. we have been treated to a good start to the world series. good game. well-played. 3-2 pitch in a 3-2 game. and berkman tags kinsler. he's on to start the eighth. infield hit. this is kell kelso coming up. the world series on fox is sponsored by --
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>> tim: a fine play by ian kinsler. he couldn't get lance berkman. you've got to figure with don kellkelso up there, that -- danl descalso, i beg your pardon, that daniel will be up there to bunt. then what do you do with molina, punto and a pinch-hitter down the line. all sorts of thing turning for both men. >> joe: he does bunt at first. napoli makes a play. kinsler gets over in time. one out. down to second is berkman for yadier molina.
11:00 pm
there is a night for molina. two ground-out, a stike-out. left-hander darren oliver just so you know getting loose for rangers in their pen. >> tim: he is getting ready for skip schumaker, who could be in the hole if he is the pinch hitter for arthur rhodes. a lot of wheels turning here in the eighth. >> joe: here is motte. getting ready for the ninth. molina. fouls it away. strike one. glad you're watching on fox. top of the hour. 10:00. here in st. louis. 11:00 in the east. 8:00 out west. game one of the world series. cardinals led 2-nothing in the fourth. tied it. the rangers did in the fifth
11:01 pm
on a home run by napoli. pimple-hit rbpinch-hit rbi singg off ogando in the sixth. ball one. yadier molina. back at it tomorrow night. colby lewis, jaime garcia. a former cardinal, darren oliver. broken bat, going to third is berkman with two outs. now nick punto with runner to feldman. trying to keep at it two-run game and the big bats coming up in the ninth. we'll have some match you have
11:02 pm
in the ninth with motte against young, beltre and cru cruz. punto has a hit. he has been walked twice. strike one. >> tim: a wicked slider from mike adams. that ball just diving. beg your pardon. scott feldman. a good slider to get ahead of punto. >> joe: a big run sitting over at third base with two outs. he will work the wind-up. one ball, one strike.
11:03 pm
>> tim: with the advent of most relievers working from the stretch now, it is unusual to see a reliever who is working from the wind-up. a guy on third. a bit more of a chance to score on a wild pitch. >> joe: hits foul. that's strike two. greg gibson, the first base umpire. had to get out of the way to make the call. one ball, two strikes. inside. 2-2.
11:04 pm
>> joe: runner at third. two out. ball three. there is schumaker in the on deck circle. darren oliver out in the bullpen. cardinals also have theriot. if la russa wants to make that switch. here is a 3-2. strikes out looking. good work by feldman. he keeps it a one-run game with that guy set to lead it off. michael young, adrian beltre, nelson cruz coming up. big bats for the


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